Tristan's Story

tristian Premature delivery was anticipated for Tristan, so his mother, who was active in the U.S. Navy, was given a round of drugs to help develop his lungs. The doctors were attempting to treat him in utero by administering drugs to his mother, but after many specialist appointments, Tristan’s mother was rushed to the hospital – Tristan's heart was no longer responding to the drugs and fluid was beginning to build up around his heart. 

Tristan was delivered by C-section at 30 weeks gestation. After delivery, Tristan was shown to his mother and then quickly whisked away to the NICU.

The first few days of Tristan’s life were vital and difficult. They were finally able to stabilize him after three days. 11 days after his birth, Tristan required surgery to correct an issue with his heart. The next few weeks were challenging as he underwent many tests, which revealed that his blood was abnormal. 

Tristan developed jaundice, was sedated and had to have four blood transfusions. As the weeks passed, even though the test results were not always favorable, he started to eat better and gain weight. 

Despite the adversity that he faced within the first few years of his life, Tristan has grown into an intelligent, perceptive and loving boy. This was only possible because of the research conducted by a CFC-supported organization. It is thanks to generous donors like you that funding for life-changing research can be raised to ensure that we develop medical advances to save babies just like Tristan.