Meet Major Catana Gregory, CFCNCA Campaign Manager

For Major Catana Gregory, the Combined Federal Campaign is a direct extension of her philosophy as a soldier. “For me, life is about helping others. We’re here to make sure that, if we can, we do something to make someone else’s life a little better.” Major Gregory volunteered as a Campaign Manager with the CFC because her heart told her it was the right thing to do. “The Campaign also gives me a chance to reflect on my own blessings. That’s why I knew I had to get involved!”

Throughout her involvement with the campaign, Major Gregory has heard many personal stories from her fellow campaign workers − stories about how they and their loved ones have benefited directly from the campaign. Many of these stories have moved her to tears.

When asked what advice the she would offer fellow Federal workers considering becoming involved in the Combined Federal Campaign, Major Gregory encourages her colleagues not to hesitate. “You will find that once you get into the spirit of giving, once you actually realize what it is you’re doing, once you can see that you’ve just touched a life, the Campaign blossoms into something that takes you outside of yourself.”

Major Gregory added that involvement with the CFC could be of particular benefit to her fellow men and women in the Armed Forces. “We, as soldiers, see so many things on a personal level that involve tragedy. Sometimes we don’t get a chance to get outside ourselves. The CFC provides an opportunity to do just that.”

CFCNCA Campaign Manager Major Catania Gregory
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