Meet Lucas and Josh, CFCNCA Charity Volunteer and Beneficiary

Whether it’s taking in an Orioles game or just heading to the batting cage, Lucas and Josh love spending time together. But were it not for the work of their CFC funded charity, these two would never have had the chance to meet. Lucas, 22, was introduced to 10-year-old Josh by a CFC funded organization dedicated to pairing children with adult mentors. “It’s a great program and a great opportunity for kids to have a role model in their life,” says Lucas. “I got involved with this charity because I knew I wanted to be a good role model and I wanted to give a little of my time to be one and help somebody.”  Josh feels like Lucas’s involvement with his life has already made a huge impact. “I think Lucas is a great guy, and hanging out with him has made a huge difference!”

Josh was also quick to thank all the Federal employees who have given generously in support of his charity. “I want to say thank you because it’s so kind of all of you to help us kids to get role models.”  Josh’s mother Karen also expressed her gratitude to the Combined Federal Campaign. “I want to thank everyone for helping to fund such a great program.  We’re a single parent family and if we hadn’t signed up for this program we wouldn’t have this opportunity. Now I’m really looking forward to having to play less football in the future!”

“While I haven’t been involved in the program for very long, I’ve gotten a very good idea of how life-changing the program really is,” said Lucas. “I hope that people keep working to keep programs like this one funded because its very important and everyone can do something to help.”

When Josh grows up, he plans to either be an historian, a trumpet player, or a sports player. “You can be a music historian!” Lucas is quick to suggest. When asked about Lucas’ plans for the future, he says he’s looking forward to acting like a kid again, and is excited to help Josh achieve his dreams. 

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