Success Stories

Mark's Story

Mark Imagine living on the streets. Where are you going to sleep? Where are you going to get your next meal? Where are you going to wash your clothes? 

These are the exact decisions that Mark found himself navigating each day since 2011. Thanks to a charity supported by funds from generous CFC donors, Mark recently got back on his feet and no longer has to ask himself these questions.

Adel's Story

AdelWhen he’s not in school or playing, 11-year-old Adel makes about five trips a day to the water pump located at his school. He often goes with his two little brothers to get the water that his family of six requires for their daily needs, such as cooking, washing and drinking. 

Ndumiso's Story

Ndumiso and EbenezerOne day, a young man brought his sister to a CFC-supported organization campus, seeking help for her poor eyesight. He found himself being helped, as well. 

In a recent intensive surgical launch of comprehensive and restorative eye care services, 22-year-old Ndumiso accompanied his 7-year-old sister, Ebenezer, to the organization’s campus in central Swaziland, Africa.

Hugo's Story

HugoHugo proudly served as a soldier in the United States Army and deployed to Iraq in 2004 to serve his country. Upon arriving to Baquba, Iraq, as a member of the 1st Infantry Division, also known as the “Big Red One,” they immediately took on responsibilities that included security patrolling, VIP escort duty and guard watch. On June 21, 2004, Hugo’s patrol was ambushed and he was shot, once in the back and once in the arm.

Mint's Story

Mint Two-year old Mint, who had not yet even raced, was diagnosed with a displaced slab fracture that could cause arthritis and degenerative joint disease. If surgery could be performed and healing time was available, Mint would recover. Unfortunately, the owner could not afford the surgery or rehabilitation, and would need assistance in order to save Mint.