Success Stories

Inaam's Story

InaamDark curly hair. Sweet and piercing eyes. The ability to engage her interlocutor with innocence and, at the same time, ancient wisdom. Inaam is a child of war. During her short but extremely intense lifetime, she has known little besides violence, deprivation and uncertainty. 

Joseph’s Story

My cause is people with disabilities because my wife has several physical and mental disabilities. We have worked with several CFC charities to educate key people in insurance and government that many forms of mental illness are as much a physical impairment of the brain as diabetes is to the pancreas. And that these disabilities and related illnesses should be given the same access to health care and necessary supplies as any other physical illness. Among the large CFC base of active duty and retired government civilians and military, many have family members with these disabilities.

Carolyn's Story

CarolynAssistant Inspector General for Audit Policy and Oversight Carolyn Hantz is a long-time supporter of the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC). Through the CFC, Hantz supports autism charities because she is the mother of a 20-year-old son who has autism and is non-verbal.

Samantha's Story

SamanthaRecently, a CFC-funded organization ran immersive college preparatory programs for service members transitioning from the military to college. Samantha, a U.S. Marine Corps veteran, was one of the participants at Georgetown University. This is her story.

A little over a year ago, Samantha encountered a crossroads that inevitably all service members must face – what would she do now that her active duty tenure had ended?

Marissa's Story

Marissa at a military event.

Marissa joined the United States Army in 2004, where she trained to become a military police officer and was then sent to her first duty station at Ft. Lewis, Washington. Her unit had already deployed to Baghdad, Iraq, and Marissa quickly joined them – they were tasked with the training and security of multiple Iraqi police stations.