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Thank You Toolkit

Finish Strong Toolkit

Thumbnail Announcing Finish Strong Toolkit

If the entire CFC open season is a marathon, then the final week is the sprint to the finish! This toolkit incorporates various common aspects of a race, including the spirit of coming together to tackle a challenge. Countdown: Each day will incorporate the idea of remaining miles (5 miles left, 4 miles left, etc.) as we count down the final days of the campaign.

Finish Strong banner with tennis shoes at start of race

Spirit Week Toolkit

Picture that says Spirit Week

It’s time to show some spirit!

We have designed this toolkit to help you set a fun and exciting tone for Spirit Week in your agency/installation/office/unit. Each day of the week features a different theme to incorporate in your promotion and planning, and the Spirit Week Scavenger Hunt is an easy way to share information about the campaign and inspire participation.

Social Media Seasonal Graphics Toolkit

Events Toolkit

Cause of the Week Toolkit

Text reading "Cause of the Wee Toolkit" with sketches of causes.

Use these resources to publicize the Cause of the Week in your agency or installation intranet site, newsletter or other publication, and social media platforms (and see here for the full list of Cause of the Week toolkits!)

For more resources and to learn about each cause, visit the pages below.

stART Strong Toolkit