Impact Statements

How far does your donation go?

Several CFC-supported charities and organizations have provided statistics to show exactly what happens with a pledge! Check out some of these examples below to see how much of a difference your donation makes.

Animal Related

$25 shelters, feeds and cares for an endangered animal, helping the species survive. 
$150 pays for an exam, testing, immunizations, and deworming treatment for one kitten.
$180 supports ten dogs with heartworm, flea, and tick prevention medicine.

Arts, Culture, and Humanities 

$55  supplies four children in a developing country with music books and stands.
$100 preserves 1,000 historical documents, making them available digitally to people worldwide.
$150 presents an arts integration performance for 100 children, inspiring them to love learning.

Cancer Research

$17 funds one day of a clinical trial for a cancer patient.
$25 funds more than half a day of pediatric cancer research. 

Clean Water

$50 supplies families with water filtration tablets, soap, and hygiene training. 

Crime & Legal Related

$50 covers one hour of legal fees to fight injustice. 
$100 covers legal counsel for a motion filing to protect journalists. 

Disaster Relief

$50 supplies ten first aid kits for hurricane survivors. 
$70 selivers two health kits to individuals recovering from a natural disaster.
$100 builds emergency shelters for five families uprooted in the wake of a disaster.

Economic Development

$100 ships a bicycle to a developing community in need of transportation options.


$10 purchases one book for a child, improving literacy skills.
$36 equips one child with one year of preschool supplies.
$58 covers one year of school fees, books, and other supplies for one child. 
$250 supports a monthly educational program that provides health, nutrition, financial, and legal information, skills, and resources to seniors, helping them age well in their community.

Environmental Protection

$20 cleans one pound of trash from the ocean and coastlines.
$50 plants 50 chemical-free seeds for more sustainable farmlands.
$50 patrols an area of coral reefs for six months, ensuring that boaters and divers follow ocean rules and regulations. 
$400 plants 4,000 trees, replacing an entire forest.

Food Security

$50 feeds a child with school meals for one year. 
$100 supplies a family with a dairy cow, offering food security and a source of income. 

Global Health 

$100 supplies 50 bed nets to protect people from malaria. 

Health Care

$25 covers one life-changing cataract surgery to prevent blindness.
$25 vaccinates a family of five from nine different diseases.
$100 supplies one pair of pediatric crutches to help children maneuver during treatment. 
$150 funds salad bar equipment to help schools serve fresh, healthy foods to students.
$150 trains a community health worker in education and basic health services in a developing country. 

Housing & Shelter

$25 funds one night of safe shelter and all services for a person without a permanent residence.
$25 pays to lodge one child with cancer for a day.
$45 covers the cost of a bed for one night in an urban temporary housing shelter. 
$250 feeds and clothes a child in need for two weeks. 

Human Services

$25 supplies a coat, gloves and a hat or shoes to someone in need, protecting them from the elements. 
$26 diapers one baby for one month.
$50 recruits and trains a volunteer to provide a month of services including transportation, household tasks, companionship, and more.

Human Trafficking Prevention

$120 keeps a girl in school for a year and safe from being trafficked.

International, Foreign Affairs & National Security

$10 feeds a child in a refugee camp for three weeks.

Mental Health

$20 funds a suicide prevention hotline for one night.
$30 funds 30 minutes of crisis line counseling for troubled youth. 
$43 funds a PTSD clinical trial for one individual. 
$100 pays for two hours of canine therapy. 
$250 counsels five women after fistula surgery.

Military Support

$13 arranges a morale-boosting event for deployed service members, such as a game night.
$15 sends a comfort food package to a deployed service member. 
$20 serves a hot meal to a military family.
$25 welcomes home a hero with flags and decorations. 
$29 connects service members abroad to their families with phone calls home.
$200 pays the electric bill of a military family for one month. 


$250 plants an organic, regenerative school garden.


$120 helps two refugees restart their lives.
$400 educates a refugee child for one year. 


$50 assists a veteran with one month of food and medication for a therapy dog. 
$200 trains a veteran with skills to enter the civilian workforce.
$25 keeps one homeless veteran warm with a heavy wool blanket, knit hat, and gloves. 

Women and Girls

$15 funds an hour of legal research for a team protecting women's rights. 
$52 trains women to be midwives in their community, providing critical care for expectant mothers. 

Youth Development

$38 supports a child in need with education, health care, and protection for one month.
$40 buys a new glove or a dozen baseballs for children in low-income communities.
$50 teaches a child to swim, increasing safety and developing an appreciation for exercise and the outdoors.
$50 covers one year of membership with a children's advocacy center. 
$200 supports an at-risk student with one-on-one counseling, preventing dropout. 
$250 covers the cost of snacks and activity supplies for an afterschool mentoring program.