CFC Volunteer Pledges

How the CFC Works for Volunteer PledgesHow the CFC works for volunteer pledges flyer - 3 steps (choose, pledge, volunteer)

1. Choose your charity
Whether you care about education, military families, housing, or animal welfare -- the CFC has a charity for any cause you want to support.

To find charities accepting volunteer pledges (not all do!), look for the hand icon in the paper charity listing, or on the online pledge portal at:

2. Make your pledge.
The online pledge portal allows you to easily renew your pledge each year. Paper pledge forms are also available upon request.

Designate the number of hours you wish to pledge per charity. TIP! If you want charities to reach out with volunteer opportunities, be sure to release your contact information when submitting your pledge.

3. Volunteer your time
Coordinate with your selected charities to give your time and talent (especially if you did not release your contact information). 

Walk dogs. Tutor children. Serve meals at a shelter. Some charities even offer remote volunteer opportunities! Think there isn't a way to volunteer for your cause? Consider stuffing direct mail envelopes or sharing information on social media. Get creative and make a difference!


Download the CFCNCA Volunteer Flyer here.