Campaign Contest

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The Campaign Contest gives campaign workers the opportunity to be recognized in areas where they have gone above and beyond, using their resources and creativity to support the campaign. In addition to the department and agency contests, individuals may be entered for a Hero of the Year Award.

The 2019 Campaign Contest submission period is December 2, 2019  - January 31, 2020. Contact your Loaned Executive (LE) for the nomination form to submit your entry, or download the NCA Campaign Contest Submission Form here.

Agencies submit in categories based on their size. There are three sizes:

  • Small  Agency/Campaign –  up to 999 full-time employees
  • Medium Agency/Campaign – 1,000 to 14,999 full-time employees
  • Large Agency/Campaign – more than 15,000 full-time employees

Entries are judged in five different criterion:

  • First Impression
  • Presentation Quality
  • Creativity/Uniqueness
  • Communicating CFCNCA Message
  • Perceived Level of Effort


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2019 Contest Categories  

Executive Involvement Award — To the department, agency or reporting unit that best involved the head of the agency and/or senior leadership of their organization in the implementation of campaign activities, events and communications. Submit photos, articles, letters or speeches showing your leaders’ involvement in the campaign.

Innovation Award — To the department, agency or reporting unit that implemented new and creative practices that resulted in increased contributions, participation and/or education about the CFC.

Best Special Event — To the department or agency with the most outstanding campaign rally, kickoff, volunteer involvement, day of caring or other event. Include pictures, video, scripts or other media to capture the details of your event. Describe the event, creative team, attendance, special speakers/guests and other relevant background information in your submission.

Best Digital Media — To the department, agency or unit that makes the most creative use of the website, video tools, and social media to communicate the CFCNCA story. Submit copies of screenshots of your website or social media post with the entry form. You can also enter in this category: samples of computer network messages, email blasts, calendar/meeting reminders, electronic newsletters, or other ways you electronically deliver the CFCNCA message.

Best Poster/Display — To the department, agency or reporting unit judged to have the most creative poster to publicize CFCNCA and attract contributors to the campaign. Actual poster must be submitted. For larger displays, photos of the display will be accepted.

Best Campaign Essay or Publication — To the individual who creates the best essay or feature story on an employee or charity. In addition, you may enter any internally-created magazine, newspaper, or other printed periodical that does its best to draw donors into the campaign and communicate the appeal of CFCNCA.

Best Photography — To an individual or organization for outstanding use of original images to publicize the CFCNCA. The images can show how employees get involved in voluntary activities, how people in need are assisted by CFCNCA-supported charities or artistic and creative ways images are used in the course of the campaign.

Best Overall Outreach Plan — To the organization that uses multiple techniques to inform and motivate employees to participate in the 2019 Campaign.

Hero of the Year Awards 

Each department or agency will have the option of nominating a Hero of the Year to be honored on March 3, 2020 at the CFCNCA Finale and Awards at the National Portrait Gallery. The individual nominated will be evaluated based upon the following key factor: 

    - Exceptional commitment to CFCNCA activities as a federal worker

Campaign Managers, Coordinators, Keyworkers, Loaned Executives and others may be recognized.  Hero Awards will be given in each of the following categories: Civilian, DoD Civilian, Military, and Postal Service. The top three highest-scoring local Heroes (one from each category), will be entered in the National CFC Hero Awards contest, administered by the Office of Personnel Management.

CFCNCA 2018 Hero Award Recipients: 

        Marry Warren - U.S. Bureau of Engraving and Printing – Mary has been active for the last 21 years in the CFC.
        Her deep understanding of the CFC has galvanized the way she organizes and motivates potential donors. She
        10 charity fairs, and helped her Bureau raise above their goal for 2018.




         Sam Wang – Executive Office for United States Trustees – Sam made sure his agency was the first to kick off in 2018; 
         he organized events across his entire region, attending all of them, created original ad pieces, and sent weekly reports.
         His agency reported at raising over 114% of their goal.




        Tamera Jordan – U.S. Air Force – Tammy has managed the USAF Campaign for more than a decade.
        Her compassion to help others shows in work not only during the campaign but every day.  She continually
        raised awareness and information on how to find charities and pledge.
        She is truly an ambassador of the CFC.




         LCDR James Sandifer – Navy Installations Command – He epitomizes what it means to champion of the CFC.
         He serves as an excellent liaison between senior leadership and his team members. His meticulous planning
         resulted in successful charity events. He ensured senior leadership attendance at every campaign








        Deborah Branagan Goldman – U.S. Postal Service – She was a highly personable campaign manager who hosted and
        emcee’d all events; she used her personal experience with CFC charities to compel others to donate; she increased the
        final totals and also doubled event participation.




          Audrey Washington – U.S. Postal Service – Audrey stepped up beyond the call of duty, filling in for a coordinator
          who was out due to injury– without prior experience as a coordinator for the CFC! Despite this, she led with enthusiasm
          and encouragement, and helped them exceed their ultimate fundraising goals.



2019 nominees to be revealed at the NCA Finale!

two award winnersChairperson’s Awards

Chairperson Award recipients are chosen by the Chairperson of the Local Federal Coordinating Committee, and will be presented at the CFCNCA Finale and Awards Program. 

Spirit of Community Award- To the local charity that most embodies the spirit of the Combined Federal Campaign of the National Capital Area

Spirit of Service Award- To the campaign worker who has shown years of support and service to the Combined Federal Campaign of the National Capital Area

 Leadership Award- To the agency head who has shown leadership and support of the Combined Federal Campaign of the National Capital Area