Patricia's Story

builders Imagine being homeless for over 10 years, gradually losing hope of having your own home. That was Patricia’s life until very recently – switching back and forth between a homeless shelter and the streets, year after year.

Throughout the years that Patricia was a resident at a shelter run by a CFC-supported organization, housing opportunities came up but they were difficult to acquire, primarily due to the tremendous demand for those few openings. Years went by with no luck finding Patricia housing.

But during this past winter, Patricia worked diligently with her shelter case manager to pursue options for subsidized housing in the area around the shelter. They found a subsidized housing opportunity that fit within Patricia’s extremely limited financial situation, but there were only two slots available in the entire county. 

Despite the rigorous application and interview process, Patricia and her case manager were ultimately successful in securing one of these coveted slots. After over 10 years of homelessness, Patricia received the keys to her very own one-bedroom apartment. Shelter volunteers acquired ample furnishings for Patricia and moved everything in soon after.

Cases like these continue to provide hope for the many clients this organization serves at their shelter, as well as for their dedicated network of donors and volunteers.