Mint's Story

Mint the horse Due to their pedigree and intense efforts required from racing, Thoroughbred horses are typically subject to high accident rates and other health problems. 

Two-year old Mint, who had not yet even raced, was diagnosed with a displaced slab fracture that could cause arthritis and degenerative joint disease. If surgery could be performed and healing time was available, Mint would recover. Unfortunately, the owner could not afford the surgery or rehabilitation, and would need assistance in order to save Mint. 

Fortunately, a CFC-supported charity that works to improve the lives of active and retired Thoroughbred racehorses was able to help. Thanks to donations from generous CFC donors, the charity was able to cover the medical costs and save the life of this beautiful horse. When Mint fully recovered, the charity also found her a forever home where she will be cherished and live the remaining years of her life happy and healthy.