Marie's Story

marie Just two months after burying her mother, Marie lost her fiancé as well. They were together for 10 years and had a three-year old daughter and a son on the way. Marie soon lost her job due to a contract loss, and then her apartment too. Her stable life quickly began to unravel. Marie turned to her grandmother, who raised her, for a temporary place to stay. 

Marie’s pastor told her about a local women’s center that provides a safe haven for women to learn how to live independently and prepare for the road ahead. She applied and was accepted. “Thank God for this place,” Marie said after just one month. Marie was grateful for the comfortable and safe space she and her children received. She knew that for the next two years, while she regained control of her life, they would be all right. Marie and her family are recovering from their string of losses thanks to a women’s center supported by CFC.

The program located in the heart of DC provides young women with Independent Living Skills Training, Out of Poverty and Parenting classes, empowering young mothers to plan for the future. These mothers in need seek out employment and advancement of their education to succeed. The goal is to be self-sufficient by the time they finish the program. 

Now halfway through the program, Marie says, “Life is better than it was a year ago.” Her confidence is coming back. She is grateful for this second chance.