Emily's Story


Indian reservation resident Emily used to have water available at her mobile home.

"We had water, but then the motor gave up," says Emily.

That was 10 years ago.

Since then, she’s had to walk hundreds of yards to her nearest neighbor with an empty 5-gallon container, and then carry it back home, full and heavy.

"It gets tiresome going back and forth to get water," Emily said.

Then after years of using water from her neighbors, they told she could no longer access their hydrant even though it didn't cost them a cent to let her fill up her container.

"I don't why," said Emily. "They just started getting mad."

But that all changed on Monday, July 11, when a contractor hired by a CFC-supported organization showed up at her home with a backhoe and a crew to dig a trench about 150 feet long to connect a pipe from the main service water line to a hydrant in her front yard.

First the crew removed the old meter pit, which turned out to have been installed in 1994. Then they began digging the trench, taking care not to damage the underground fiber optic and sewer lines buried between the main service line and Emily's property.

Within the next five hours her new hydrant and meter pit were placed a few feet from her front door, a tap was installed at the water service line, the water pipe was connected at both ends, and the trench was filled in and tamped down.

Then with coordinator Dave and long-time volunteer Ken by her side, Emily turned on the hydrant for the first time and the water rushed out, filling her small water bottle in a matter of seconds.

Almost at a loss for words, Emily expressed her gratitude for the supporters who made it possible saying, "I am very thankful" with a big smile on her face.