Adel's Story

AdelWhen he’s not in school or playing, 11-year-old Adel makes about five trips a day to the water pump located at his school. He often goes with his two little brothers to get the water that his family of six requires for their daily needs, such as cooking, washing and drinking. 

Adel used to have to get water from the community’s natural spring – a much longer and more difficult process. But that was before a CFC-supported organization funded the installation of a water pump and three additional water taps at his school in the garden, the kitchen and near the toilets. 

Adel regularly uses the taps throughout the school day, and through participation in Global Handwashing Day at his school, he also understands why clean water is important to his health. Adel made sure to share what he learned with his family. 

“You have to wash your hands before you eat and after using the toilet to be healthy,” he reminds his little brothers. 

Having access to clean water changes everything, and for one small school community in rural southern Haiti, it is facilitating improved sanitation, expanding the local economy and, most importantly, keeping kids like Adel healthy and in school.