Communications Templates

Get a head start on promoting your campaign by using communications templates. Be sure to customize them and make them your own!

This section will be updated throughout the campaign with relevent content, so continue checking back for more.

Email: Overall Results

FROM: Agency Head or CFC Manager
TO: Agency Federal Employees
CONTENT: Overall Results Message
DATE TO SEND: When zone/national results are reported
SUBJECT: Regional and National CFC Results, 2017


Dear Colleagues:

During the 2017 CFC, we participated in something special. Now the regional and nationwide results are in, and wow, did we ever Show Some Love!

Email: Campaign Volunteer Recognition

FROM: Agency Head
TO: Agency Federal Employees
CONTENT: Volunteer Recognition Message
DATE TO SEND: Within one week of campaign close
SUBJECT: Thanks to some special individuals

Dear Team:

Following up on [Campaign Manager/Coordinator name]’s recent email regarding our agency’s CFC results, I would like to take a moment to recognize the following individuals for their outstanding service:

Email: Mid Campaign Inspiration

FROM: Campaign Manager
TO: Agency Federal Employees
CONTENT: CFC Mid-Campaign Push
DATE TO SEND: Late October/early November
SUBJECT: Why you CAN afford to give


Dear Friends:

I encourage you to read the touching story of Jeremy, who is featured in this picture. The story is a sensitive one, and Jeremy is a minor, so we can’t show you his face, but his story demonstrates how just a little kindness can forever change someone’s life for good.

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