The Children of St. Vincent's Story

new books In 2016, for the first time ever, every single Grade 6 pupil at the 135-student school on the island of St. Vincent has passed the Caribbean Primary School Examination, the ultimate measure of primary school educational achievement. 

The school’s success is due to the immense dedication the school’s principal, Ave-Maria, and Literacy Coordinator, Rouna, have applied towards raising child literacy levels. With the help of a CFC-supported charity, they were able to vastly increase literacy levels at the school.

Since 2011, the charity has been helping the school rejuvenate its lending library year by year. Now the school’s library has a total of 1,525 wonderful new books.

Through the hard work of the school’s staff and the generosity of donors like you, children on the island of St. Vincent have a brighter future.