Extra Mile Challenge

On Dec. 5, the CFC launched the Extra Mile Challenge. During this challenge, we want you to show your support for the CFC by either walking one mile for a cause or performing an act of service. Complete the challenge, share the video on Facebook, and challenge three other people to participate. It’s that simple!

Steps to Complete the Extra Mile Challenge: 

  1. Challenge Be challenged by someone else or take the initiative and challenge yourself!
  2. Complete one of two options:
    1. Go the distance of one mile by running, walking, or using another form of physical movement. Dedicate your mile to a cause that you care about.  
    2. Perform an act of service. It can be volunteering for a charity, spending 20 minutes picking up litter, or going out of your way to make someone’s day a little brighter. The choice is yours. What does going the extra mile in service mean to you?
  3. Make a video after you completed your chosen task. Include these four elements in your video:
    1. State your name and that you’re participating in the CFC Extra Mile Challenge.
    2. Explain your cause and how you chose to go the extra mile.
    3. Challenge three other people to walk a mile or perform an act of service within one week.
    4. Give your biggest Show Some Love cheer!
  4. Post your video to Facebook with #ExtraMileCFC and tag the three people that you challenge.