Charity Applications


Final Approval Status for 2014 CFCNCA

Email notifications were sent to the approved Local Federations and Independent Charities regarding their final participation status in the 2014 campaign.  

If you need to follow-up on your organization's final status, please email Tyra Archer.
We look forward to working with you in this year's campaign!

2014 CFCNCA 5-Digit Universal Codes

If you received an approval message via email, you are eligible to receive your 5-digit CFC code for the upcoming campaign. To get your new code, or to verify your existing code, email Tyra Archer with your organization name and EIN number.  

2015 Application Schedule

We are in the process of finalizing the 2015 application schedule. Stay tuned; it will be posted in late summer.


Archived 2014 Application Information

2014 CFCNCA Application Schedule

Local Independent Application Workshop PowerPoint

Federation Application Workshop PowerPoint

Other Archived 2014 Charity Application Information

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